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    SYTAR 2014
    is presented by
    The International
    Association of
    Yoga Therapists

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SYTAR 2014 Proposal Instructions    Proposal Instructions for Afternoon Sessions

Please read all directions carefully and follow impeccably.

Important Dates
General Instructions
Submission Instructions
Detailed Proposal Instructions

Each proposal must contain:
  1. The exact title of your presentation
  2. Your name and credentials (and name/credentials of your co-presenter, if applicable)
  3. Description of your presentation (100 words max). This will be used on the website and in the printed program
  4. Competencies this session supports. Limit this to one or two. Be brief (75 words max). This will also be used on the website and printed program. E.g.,
    1. This sessions supports:
    2. Knowledge of the basic perspectives on health and disease from yoga and Ayurveda…..and
    3. 4.2.10: Demonstrated ability to teach or deliver the appropriate practices for individuals or groups, taking into consideration the assessment of their conditions, limitations, possibilities and the overall practice strategy.
    4. See the IAYT Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists, as posted on the IAYT home page
    5. Comment. Yes, we want everyone who submits a proposal to carefully review the competencies (as well as all attendees to know what competencies each session supports)
  5. Your personal bio (and bio of your co-presenter, if applicable) for the program guide and website (100 word max, for each bio)
  6. The overall objective of the session and three to five learning objectives that attendees will meet by attending your session (for possible CEUs)
  7. Any additional information that you feel would be beneficial to the Program Committee in their selection process (100 words max)
  8. If you have not presented at SYTAR before, please provide evidence of your ability and experience with presenting to large groups, such as:
    • Your experience at presenting at other conferences and training centers
    • References
    • Link to YouTube video
  9. Identify all equipment you will need. Lavaliere microphones will be provided at all presentations
    1. LCD projector
    2. Flip Chart
    3. Other. Please specify but we cannot guarantee availability
  10. Your IAYT/SYTAR/SYR Experience and Service to IAYT
    1. Service to your association (committee service, peer reviewer, etc.)
    2. Previous supported presentations at SYTAR
    3. Previous unsupported SYTAR/ SYR presentations, such as morning practices, CIC presentations and/or scientific poster session presentations
    4. Published articles in IAYT publications (title, publication, date)
    5. Previous SYTAR/SYR attendance (SYTAR 2007, SYTAR 2008, SYTAR 2009, SYR 2010, SYTAR 2011, SYR 2011, SYR 2013, SYTAR 2013)
    6. IAYT Member School affiliation (if any)

Your Contact Information
  1. Name:
  2. Email:
  3. Primary Phone:
  4. Alternate Phone:
  5. Organization (if applicable)

Acceptance Notification
Notification will be sent by email.

Questions about the Call for Proposals should be sent to SYTAR2014proposals@sytar.org

Examples of accepted proposals from 2013
Other Information